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Ayreon – 01011001

Cd 1- Planet Y:
Age Of Shadows / We Are Forever (10:47)
Comatose (4:26)
Liquid Eternity (8:10)
Connect The Dots (4:13)
Beneath The Waves (8:26)
(a) Beneath The Waves
(b) Face The Facts
(c) But A Memory...
(d) World Without Walls
(e) Reality Bleeds
Newborn Race (7:49)
(a) The Incentive
(b) The Vision
(c) The Procedure
(d) Another Life
(e) Newborn Race
(f) The Conclusion
Ride The Comet (3:29)
Web Of Lies (2:50)
Cd 2 - Earth:
The Fifth Extinction (10:29)
(a) Glimmer of Hope
(b) World of Tomorrow Dreams
(c) Collision Course
(d) From the Ashes
(e) Glimmer of Hope (reprise)
Waking Dreams (6:31)
The Truth Is In Here (5:12)
Unnatural Selection (7:15)
River of Time (4:24)
E=MC2 (5:50)
The Sixth Extinction (12:18)
(a) Echoes On The Wind
(b) Radioactive Grave
(c) 2085
(d) To The Planet Of Red
(e) Spirit On The Wind
(f) Complete The Circle
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