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Ayreon – Into The Electric Castle (A Space Opera)

Cd 1:
Welcome To The New Dimension (3:05)
Isis And Osiris (11:11)
Amazing Flight (10:15)
Time Beyond Time (6:05)
The Decision Tree [We're Alive] (6:24)
Tunnel Of Light (4:05)
Across The Rainbow (6:20)
Cd 2:
The Garden Of Emotions (9:40)
Valley Of The Queens (2:25)
The Castle Hall (5:49)
Tower Of Hope (4:54)
Cosmic Fusion (7:27)
The Mirror Maze (6:34)
Evil Devolution (6:31)
The Two Gates (6:28)
Forever Of The Stars (2:02)
Another Time, Another Space (5:20)
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