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Neal Morse – Testimony [Special Edition]

Part One (41:08):
The Land Of Beginning Again
Overture No.1
California Nights
Colder In The Sun
Sleeping Jesus
The Prince Of The Power Of The Air
The Promise
Wasted Life
Part Two (31:38):
Overture No. 2
Break Of Day
Power In The Air
Somber Days
Long Story
It's All I Can Do
Part Three (12:06):
Ready To Try
Sing It High
Part Four (28:19):
Moving In My Heart
I Am Willing
In The Middle
The Storm
Before The Calm
Oh To Feel Him
God's Theme
Part Five (10:33):
Overture No. 3
Oh Lord My God
God's Theme 2
The Land of Beginning Again
Bonus disc :
The Fang ... Sings
Tuesday Afternoon / Find My Way Back Home
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