Maak 2x kans op twee vrijkaarten voor het optreden van Cirrha Niva op 1 september in Willem Twee te 's Hertogenbosch.
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The Tangent – A Spark In The Aether (The Music That Died Alone – volume two)

A Spark In The Aether (4:20)
Codpieces & Capes (12:33)
I   We've Got The Music!
II  Geronimo ”“ The Sharp End Of A Legacy
III Trucks & Rugs & Prog & Roll
IV A Night At Newcastle City Hall 1971
V  We've Got The Music! (reprise)

Clearing The Attic (9:34)
Aftereuguene (5:46)
The Celluloid Road (21:36)
I   The American Watchworld
II  Cops And Boxes
III On The Road Again
IV The Inner Heart
V  San Francisco
VI The American Watchworld (reprise)
A Spark In The Aether (part two) (8:15)
San Francisco Radio Edit (bonus) (4:56)
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