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Unitopia – The Garden

Cd 1
One Day 2.27
The Garden 22.35
a The Garden of Unearthly Delights
b The Dragons Lair
c Underground
d Realization
e The Way Back Home
Angeliqua 9.50
Here I Am 3.19
I Wish I Could Fly 6.51
a Amalias Dream
b I Wish I Could Fly
Inside The Power 4.31
Cd 2
Journey's Friend 16.28
A Journey'S Friend
b The End of the Beginning
c The Need
d The Main Attraction
e The Path
Give and Take 5.09
When I'm Down 5.41
This Life 4.47
Love Never Ends 3.48
So Far Away 2.11
Don't Give Up Love 7.49
321 5.31
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