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Roger Hodgson – 26 juni 2018, Nieuwe luxor Rotterdam

Take the Long Way Home (Supertramp song)
School (Supertramp song)
In Jeopardy
Breakfast in America (Supertramp song)
Sister Moonshine (Supertramp song)
Hide in Your Shell (Supertramp song)
Along Came Mary
The Logical Song (Supertramp song)
Child of Vision (Supertramp song)
Lord Is It Mine (Supertramp song)
Death and a Zoo
Even in the Quietest Moments (Supertramp song)
Had a Dream (Sleeping With the Enemy)
Dreamer (Supertramp song)
Fool's Overture (Supertramp song)
Give a Little Bit (Supertramp song)
It's Raining Again (Supertramp song)
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