Maak kans op vrijkaarten voor het optreden van Leap Day in de Singer te Rijkevorsel (Belgiƫ) op 15 september 2018. Klik hier voor onze prijsvraag.

Saga, 22 oktober Cultuurpodium de Boerderij, Zoetermeer

Akoestische set:
Images (Chapter 1)
Time to Go
The Perfectionist
Footsteps in the Hall/You Were Right/On the Other Side
No Regrets (Chapter 5)
The Security of Illusion
Standaard set:
Take a Chance
On the Loose
The 13th Generation
The Learning Tree
Careful Where You Step
Time's Up
Someone Should
Mouse in a Maze
Book of Lies
Drum Solo
Humble Stance
Scratching the Surface
You're Not Alone
Don't Be Late (Chapter 2)
The Flyer
Wind Him Up
Toegift 2:
How Long
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