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about us

Welcome to Progwereld. This is the ultimate Dutch website when it comes to progressive and symphonic rock. Because even the most learned of experts cannot give a conclusive definition of the term, we won’t go into what genres and sub-genres can be defined as such according to our views. In addition, there are plenty of websites out there which attempt to document as many branches of progressive and symphonic music as possible.So what do we do here? Well… The two main objectives of this website are to provide information about bands and record labels, and to review CDs and concerts. We’re clearly more oriented towards quality and thoroughness than towards quantity and speed, as we believe that quantity should never come at the expense of quality.

Since the beginning in 2001, the weekly update of our webpage has resulted in a dedicated, ever growing audience. Currently, we have several tens of thousands visitors from the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond every month, which obviously pleases us. We know we’re not the only ones propagating this musical genre, but we are the only site aimed exclusively at a Dutch crowd.

Because Progwereld doesn’t just want to appeal to the seasoned prog lover, we regularly organise review specials, focused on a certain band, label, year or country, in addition to our regular reviews. In the past, we have published specials on, among others, Genesis, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Rush, and Yes. To further aid the beginner, we often pay attention to lesser known bands and albums from the forty rich years of progressive music history.

And then, for the experienced prog lover, we try to cover as wide a spectrum of music as possible, sometimes pushing the boundaries of the progressive genre.

In tribute to its Dutch roots, Progwereld attempts to focus on progressive and symphonic rock hailing from our own country. After all, we see it happen too often that good bands or artists from our country are completely ignored by the media, and that is why we want to make a stand for national talent, without disregarding our objectivity (in as far as this is possible with music) and quality norms.

Because Progwereld highly values independence, we can always pass an independent and critical judgement. This means we always, sometimes shamelessly, proclaim our well-considered opinion on any band or album, regardless of origin and age. Of course, this is just the opinion of the reviewer, so we invite different-minded people (but similar-minded ones as well) to respond on our forum in order to comment on a review, or directly contact a reviewer. After all, reviewers are also human, and they, too, might occasionally be wrong. The feedback will also keep us sharp, something which can only benefit the quality of our work.

To put some matters in perspective, Progwereld has also set up a column. Read the well-known columns by prog fanatic Dick van der Heijde, or follow Monique’s journey through the world of prog. This is also the place where other reviewers can occasionally vent. Our website also has its own hit list. “The Worldy Ten” is a monthly list of the most appreciated recent albums, as selected by reviewers and visitors.

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It goes without saying that we wish our visitor a pleasant experience on Progwereld, and we hope it won’t stop at a single visit.

The Progwereld team