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Spock’s Beard – Don’t Try This At Home (Live In Holland) & The Making Of “V”

Spock's Beard (2006)
Gluttons For Punishment - Live in '05 (2005)
Octane (2005)
Feel Euphoria (2003)
Don't Try This At Home (Live In Holland ) & The Making of "V" (2002)
Snow (2002)
There And Here [Live] (2001)
V (2000)
Don't Try This At Home (2000)
Live At The Whisky And NEARfest (1999)
Day For Night (1999)
From The Vault (1998)
The Beard Is Out There [Live] (1998)
The Kindness Of Strangers (1997)
The Official Live Bootleg (1996)
Beware Of Darkness (1996)
The Light (1995)
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