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Electronica algemeen

Hier vind je een overzicht van albums die binnen afzienbare tijd verschijnen. Alle informatie is uiteraard onder voorbehoud.


Band/ Artiest Album Label Datum
Skylake In Orbit Freia 14-02-2019
Freedom To Glide Seed 15-02-2019
Cheeto's Magazine Amazingous 15-02-2019
Grand Tour Clock's That Tick (But Never Talk) 18-02-2019
Jadis Medium Rare vol 2 20-02-2019
Delain Hunter's Moon 22-02-2019
The Room Caught By The Machine White Star Records 22-02-2019
O.R.k. Ramagehead Kscope 22-02-2019
Dream Theater Distance Over Time Sony / Insideout 22-02-2019
Quantum Pig Songs Of Industry And Sunshine White Star Records 22-02-2019
Professor Tiptop Hybrid Hymns Apollon 22-02-2019
In Motion Thriving Force Freia 22-02-2019
Mostly Autumn White Rainbow 01-03-2019
Tim Bowness Flowers At The Scene Insideout 01-03-2019
Queensr├┐che The Verdict Century Media 01-03-2019
Coma Rossi Coma Rossi 01-03-2019
On The Raw Climbing The Air 01-03-2019
Joost Maglev Alter Ego Bad Elephant 15-03-2019
Steven Wilson Home Invasion In Concert (Vinyl Editie, 5 LP) Caroline International 22-03-2019
The Mute Gods Atheists and Believers 22-03-2019
RPWL. Tales From Outer Space Gentle Art Of Music 22-03-2019
Vetrar Draugurinn Hinterlands Freia 28-03-2019
Hitherside Blue Lotus Freia 28-03-2019
Devin Townsend Empath Insideout 29-03-2019
Jon Anderson 1000 Hands (Chapter one) 31-03-2019
Semistereo Zabriskii Freia 05-04-2019
Lucy In Blue In Flight Karisma 12-04-2019
Cosmograf Mind Over Depth 12-04-2019
Jordan Rudess Wired For Madness Mascot Label Group 19-04-2019
Fish Weltschmerz (2cd) 05-2019


Recent verschenen

Artiest / Band Album Label Datum
The Last Detail At Last...The Tale And Other Stories Freia 01-02-2019
Soen Lotus 01-02-2019
I Am The Manic Whale New Forms Of Live 01-02-2019
The Emerald Dawn Nocture 01-02-2019
Within Temptation Resist Spinefarm 01-02-2019
Mythopoeic Mind Mythopoetry Apollon 01-02-2019
Red Bazar Things As They Apear White Knight 01-02-2019
Lebowski Galatica 31-01-2019
Mono Nowhere Now Here 25-01-2019
PFM Celebration, Live in Nottingham 1976 25-01-2019
Adventure Horizon Apollon 25-01-2019
Wilson & Wakeman Striped 25-01-2019
Mostly Autumn White Rainbow 25-01-2019
Neal Morse Band, The The Great Adventure Metal Blade 25-01-2019
Hackett, Steve At The Edge Of Light Insideout 25-01-2019
Focus Focus 11 25-01-2019
Evergrey The Atlantic 25-01-2019
Autumn Stacking Smoke Freia 24-01-2019
Anubis Lights Of Change: Live In Europe 2018 18-01-2019
Marillion Brave Live (2 cd) Racket 18-01-2019
Magnum Live At The Symphony Hall SPV 18-01-2019
Ed Wynne Shimmer Into Nature Kscope 18-01-2019
Telegraph Mir 11-01-2019
In Continuum Acceleration Theory 11-01-2019