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Electronica algemeen

Hier vind je een overzicht van albums die binnen afzienbare tijd verschijnen. Alle informatie is uiteraard onder voorbehoud.


Band/ Artiest Album Label Datum
Antimatter Black Market Enlightment 09-11-2018
Lalle Larsson Trio Ashen Lights 09-11-2018
Rikard Sjoblom's Gungfly Friendship Insideout 09-11-2018
Voices From The Fuselage Odyssey: The Founder Of Dreams White Star Records 09-11-2018
Karmamoi The Day Is Done 13-11-2018
The Windmill Tribus Apollon 15-11-2018
Overhead Haydenspark 15-11-2018
All Traps On Earth A Drop Of Light AMS 16-11-2018
The Tangent Proxy Insideout 16-11-2018
La Coscienza di Zeno Una vita migliore 16-11-2018
Anneke van Giersbergen Symphonized 16-11-2018
Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe Infinity 16-11-2018
Rush Hemispheres 40th anniversary 16-11-2018
Shattered Skies Muted Neon 16-11-2018
Lizard Half-Live 17-11-2018
Marillion Clutching At Straws (2018 deluxe remaster) Racket 23-11-2018
The Flower King's Manifesto Of An Alchemist 23-11-2018
Mike And The Mechanics The Living Years (30th Anniversary Edition) BMG 30-11-2018
Within Temptation Resist 14-12-2018
Mew Mew - With Copenhagen Philharmonic 14-12-2018
Ed Wynne Shimmer Into Nature Kscope 18-01-2019
Marillion Brave Live (2 cd) Racket 18-01-2019
Evergrey The Atlantic 25-01-2019
Hackett, Steve At The Edge Of Light Insideout 25-01-2019
Neal Morse Band, The The Great Adventure 25-01-2019
Mono Nowhere Now Here 25-01-2019
Dream Theater Distance Over Time Sony / Insideout 22-02-2019
Fish Weltschmerz (2cd) mei 2019


Recent verschenen

Artiest / Band Album Label Datum
Arabs In Aspic Live At Avantgarden 02-11-2018
Dilemma Random Acts Of Liberation Butler Records 02-11-2018
The Moody Blues In Search Of The Last Cord (50th Anniversary) Universal 02-11-2018
Steven Wilson Home Invasion (live at the Royal Albert Hall) Eagle Vision 02-11-2018
Dead can Dance Dionysus 02-11-2018
Celeste Il Risveglio del Principe Mellow 30-10-2018
Renaissance A Symphonic Journey 27-10-2018
Haken Vector Insideout 26-10-2018
Ayreon Into The Electric Castle (remaster) Mascot 26-10-2018
Anathema Internal Landscapes (compilatie) Kscope 26-10-2018
Carptree Subimago Reingold Records 19-10-2018
Opeth Ghost Of Perdition (live,  10" vinyl) 19-10-2018
Anima Mundi Once Upon A Live (2 cd / blu-ray / DVD Progressive Promotion 19-10-2018
Anima Mundi Insomnia Progressive Promotion 19-10-2018
Oak False Memory Archive Karisma 19-10-2018
Iamthemorning Ocean Sounds Kscope 12-10-2018
The D Project Find Your Sun 12-10-2018
Seventh Wonder Tiara 12-10-2018
Sanguine Hum Now We Have Power Bad Elephant 12-10-2018
Gösta Berlings Saga Et Ex Insideout 12-10-2018
Vola Applause Of A Distant Crowd Mascot 12-10-2018
Glass Hammer Chronomonaut 12-10-2018
Coheed And Cambria The Unheavenly Creatures Roadrunner 05-10-2018
Pymlico Nightscape 05-10-2018
Steve Hackett Broken Skies: Outspread Wings (1984 - 2006) Insideout 05-10-2018
Damanek In Flight GEP 05-10-2018
Light Damage Numbers Progressive Promotion 05-10-2018
IQ Ever (25th Anniversary Edition) GEP 05-10-2018
Greenslade Greenslade (remaster) 28-09-2018
Tangerine Dream The Pink Years Albums (4cd box) 28-09-2018
Riverside Wasteland Insideout 28-09-2018
North Of South New Latitudes 28-09-2018
Phil Collins Works Well With Others (4 cd box) 28-09-2018
King Crimson Meltdown: Live In Mexico 28-09-2018
Blackfield Open Mind (verzamelaar) Kscope 28-09-2018
Albion You'll Be Mine 21-09-2018
Seasons Of Time Welcome To The Unknown 21-09-2018
Nosound Allow Yourself Kscope 21-09-2018
Light Damage Numbers Progressive Promotions 15-09-2018
Syndone Mysoginia Ma.Ra.Cash 15-09-2018
Vennart To Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea 14-09-2018
Shineback Dail Bad Elephant Records 14-09-2018
Crippled Black Phoenix Great Escape Season Of Mist 14-09-2018
Dice What, If My Black Cat Is An Alien 12-09-2018
Phideaux Infernal Bloodfish 09-09-2018
Soft Machine Hidden Details Moonjune 08-09-2018
Tony Banks Harmony In Diversity (6cd) 07-09-2018
Kingcrow The Persistence Sensory 07-09-2018
Martin Barre Road Less Travelled 01-09-2018
The Pineapple Thief Dissolution Kscope 31-08-2018
Krakow Minus 31-08-2018
Mike Kershaw Arms Open Wide Bad Elephant Records 17-08-2018
Mystery Lies And Butterflies Unicorn 01-08-2018
Redemption Long Night's Journey Into Day Metal Blade 27-07-2018
Michael Romeo War Of The Worlds Part 1 Mascot 27-07-2018
Galasphere 347 Galasphere 347 Karisma 20-07-2018
Argos Unidentified Dying Objects Bad Elephant Music 20-07-2018
Distorted Harmony A Way Out 19-07-2018
Devin Townsend Project Ocean Machine (Live) Insideout 06-07-2018
Fates Warning Live Over Europe Insideout 29-06-2018
Leap Day Timelapse Oscar 25-06-2018
The Sea Within The Sea Within Insideout 22-06-2018
The Man From RavCon Another World 22-06-2018
Strangefish The Spotlight Effect 18-06-2018
Alberto Rigoni EvoRevolution 03-06-2018
Hollowscene Hollowscene Black Widow 02-06-2018
Osada Vida Variomatic Metal Mind 01-06-2018
Jack 'O The Clock Repetitions of the Old City II 01-06-2018
Spock's Beard Noise Floor Insideout 25-05-2018
Subsignal La Muerta Gentle Art Of Music 25-05-2018
Lunatic Soul Under The Fragmented Sky Kscope 25-05-2018
Arena Double Vision Verglas 25-05-2018
TumbleTown Never Too Late Freia 24-05-2018
The Fierce And The Dead Euphoric Bad Elephant Music 18-05-2018
Gazpacho Soyuz Kscope 18-05-2018
Glass Hammer Mostly Live In Italy 18-05-2018
Dream The Electric Sleep The Giants Newground 18-05-2018
Burntfield Hereafter Progressive Gears 07-05-2018
DeWolff Thrust 04-05-2018
The Aaron Clift Experience If All Goes Wrong 04-05-2018
Tusmorke Fjernsyn i farver Karisma 04-05-2018
God Is An Astronaut Epitaph Napalm 27-04-2018
TesseracT Sonder Kscope 20-04-2018
Kamelot The Shadow Theory Napalm 06-04-2018
Frequency Drift Letters To Maro Gentle Art Of Music 03-04-2018
JPL Retrospections Volume III 31-03-2018
Ayreon The Best Of Ayreon Live 30-03-2018
Kingfisher Sky Technicoloured Eyes 23-03-2018
Kino Radio Voltaire Insideout 23-03-2018
Arena The Visitor (remaster & vinyl release) Verglas 01-03-2018
Marco Ragni The Wandering Caravan Melodic Revolutions 28-02-2018
Gleb Kolyadin Gleb Kolyadin Kscope 23-02-2018
Bjorn Riis Coming Home (mini-album) Karisma 23-02-2018
Neal Morse Life & Times Radiant 16-02-2018
Jadis More Than Meets The Eye  (25th anniversary) 10-02-2018
Toto 40 Trips Around The Sun 09-02-2018
The Samurai Of Prog Archivarium Seacrest Oy 09-02-2018
Weend'O Time Of Awakening 02-02-2018
Long Distance Calling Boundless Insideout 02-02-2018
Orphaned Land Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs Century Media 26-01-2018
The Dead Centuries Race Against Time 26-01-208
Steve Hackett Wuthering Nights: Live in Birmingham (DVD) Insideout 26-01-2018
Christiaan Bruin Curiosity 25-01-2018
Perfect Beings Vier Insideout 19-01-2018
Kayak Seventeen Insideout 12-01-2018
Umphrey's McGee It's Not Us 12-01-2018