Progwereld and Progstreaming are proud to present: Progressive Chart

The website Progwereld was established in April 2001. Since then, the site has gradually become the largest Dutch-language website for symphonic and progressive rock in the Netherlands and Belgium.

For the past twelve years, Progwereld has run a feature titled “De Wereldse Tien”. This is an overview of the best prog albums of the moment, compiled by Progwereld’s readers. This chart has become a household name in the world of progressive rock, and every month a host of fans loyally send in their votes. Over the past year, we have been collaborating closely with Progstreaming. This website hosts a large number of recent prog album which can be streamed for a certain period. This collaboration has made it yet easier for people to discover new music.

Voting for your favourite albums is something of all time and places. We have noticed that the number of voters from abroad is increasing rapidly. For this reason we have decided to unlink this feature from the Dutch Progwereld website and offer it as an international project instead: Progressive Chart.

What is Progressive Chart?
We like ease and clarity. Progressive Chart is the medium par excellence for deciding which albums belong to the top of progressive rock. This will be decided by voters. People can simply send in their top 5 of recent favourites via the website (released no more than a year ago, no collections or live albums). Each month this will produce an up-to-date overview of albums in this genre which really matter. Bands featured in this chart will thus receive extra attention and publicity.

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