Dit is dan wat jullie de 75 beste cd’s van 2011 vonden!

Positie Band Albumtitel (klik op de titel voor de recensie)
1. Airbag All Rights Removed
2. Steven Wilson Grace For Drowning
3. Dream Theater A Dramatic Turn Of Events
4. Blackfield Welcome To My DNA
5. Yes Fly From Here
6. Wolverine Communication Lost
7. Opeth Heritage
8. Arena The Seventh Degree Of Separation
9. Pendragon Passion
10. Sean Filkins War And Peace And Other Stories
11. Kate Bush 50 Words For Snow
12. Discipline. To Shatter All Accord
13. Knight Area Nine Paths
14. Haken Visions
15. Neal Morse Testimony 2
16. Steve Hackett Beyond The Shrouded Horizon
17. Paatos Breathing
18. Karmakanic In A Perfect World
19. Riverside Memories In My Head
20. Falloch Where Distant Spirits Remain
21. Ben Craven Great & Terrible Potions
22. Magic Pie The Suffering Joy
23. Iona Another Realm
24. Agents Of Mercy The Black Forest
25. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Tao Of The Dead
26. Beardfish Mammoth
27. Lazuli (4603 Battlements)
28. Lunatic Soul Impressions
29. Credo Against Reason
30. Anubis A Tower Of Silence
31. Cosmograf When Age Has Done It’s Duty
32. Pain Of Salvation Road Salt Two
33. Amplifier The Octopus
34. Van Der Graaf Generator A Grounding In Numbers
35. Phideaux Snowtorch
36. Radiohead King Of Limbs
37. Pandora Sempre E Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno
38. Solstafir Svartir Sandar
39. La Coscienza Di Zeno La Coscienza Di Zeno
40. William D. Drake The Rising Of The Lights
41. White Willow Terminal Twilight
42. Tune Lucid Moments
43. Sun Domingo Songs For End Times
44. Nightwish Imaginaerum
45. For All We Know For All We Know
46. X-Panda Flight Of Fancy
47. Pallas XXV
48. Leprous Bilateral
49. Subsignal Touchstones
50. Sky Architect A Dying Man’s Hymn
51. Man On Fire Chrysalis
52. Franck Carducci Oddity
53. Gevende Sen Balik Degilsin Ki
54. Le Orme La Via Della Seta
55. Trettioariga Kriget Efter Efter
56. The Tangent COMM
57. Memories Of Machines Warm Winter
58. Devin Townsend Project Deconstruction
59. Dec Burke Paradigms & Storylines
60. Dave Willey & Friends Immeasurable Currents
61. Mastodon The Hunter
62. Leap Day Skylge’s Lair
63. The Nerve Institute Architects Of Flesh-Density
64. Casual Silence Vertical Horizons
65. Magenta Chameleon
66. Karfagen Lost Symphony
67. Proto~Kaw Forth
68. Greylevel Hypostatic Union
69. Dream The Electric Sleep Lost And Gone Forever
70. Raven Sad Layers Of Stratosphere
71. Alkozaur Serum Of Life
72. Comedy Of Errors Disobey
73. Jeniferever Silesia
74. Glass Hammer Cor Cordium
75. Gran Turismo Veloce Di Carne, Di Anima