7 oktober 2008, Paradiso Amsterdam

Land van herkomst: Nederland
Website: www.kayakonline.nl
Paradiso, Amsterdam
Pim Koopman: drums, toetsen, gitaar, achtergrondzang
Jan van Olffen: bas
Cindy Oudshoorn: zang
Edward Reekers: zang
Ton Scherpenzeel: toetsen, achtergrondzang
Joost Vergoossen: gitaar
Rob Vunderink: zang, gitaar
01. Alienation
02. Time Stand Still
03. Man In The Cocoon
04. Merlin
05. When The Seer Looks Away
06. Niniane (Lady Of The Lake)
07. Freezing
08. Sad State Of Affairs
09. Medea
10. Hold Me Forever
11. Only You And I Know
12. Where Do We Go From Here
13. Medley: Lyrics - Wintertime - Mammoth - See See The Sun
14. Irene
15. Close To The Fire
16. Undecided
17. Coming Up For Air
18. Celestial Science
19. Pagan\'s Paradise
20. Settle Down
21. Flying Squadron
22. Act Of Despair
23. Starlight Dancer
24. Chance For A Lifetime
25. Sad To Say Farewell
26. Selfmade Castle
27. Ruthless Queen
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