Hier is dan wat júllie de 50 beste cd’s van 2008 vonden!

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1. Pendragon Pure
2. Marillion Happiness Is The Road
3. The Pineapple Thief Tightly Unwound
4. Karmakanic Who’s The Boss In The Factory
5. Martin Orford The Old Road
6.  RPWL The RPWL Experience
7. Ayreon 01011001
8. Frost* Experiments In Mass Appeal
9. Moon Safari Blomljud
10. Lunatic Soul Lunatic Soul
11. It Bites The Tall Ships
12. Mostly Autumn Glass Shadows
13. Beardfish Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two
14. Unitopia The Garden
15. Caamora She
16. Demians Building An Empire
17. no-man Schoolyard Ghosts
18. Fish 13th Star
19. Neal Morse Lifeline
20. Moongarden Songs From The Lighthouse
21. Kayak Coming Up For Air
22. Amaseffer Slaves For Life
23. Opeth Watershed
24. Sigur Rós Með Suð Ã Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust
25. Nosound Lightdark
26. Simon Says Tardigrade
27. The Tangent Not As Good As The Book
28.  Coldplay Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
29. Unifaun Unifaun
30. Van Der Graaf Generator Trisector
31. The Reasoning Dark Angel
32. Magenta Metamorphosis
33. Brighteye Brison Believers & Deceivers
34. Elbow The Seldom Seen Kid
35. DFA 4th
36. Thieves’ Kitchen The Water Road
37. Bigelf Cheat The Gallows
38. Abel Ganz Shooting Albatros
39. Matthew Parmenter Horror Express
40. DeeExpus Project Half Way Home
41. Ephrat No One’s Words
42. Hostsonaten Winterthrough
43. Also Eden It’s Kind Of You To Ask
44. Seventh Wonder Mercy Falls
45. Presto Ballet The Lost Art Of Time Travel
46. Guapo Elixirs
47. Overhead And We’re Not Here After All
48. Nemezis Nemezis
49. Suspyre When Time Fades
50. Moth Vellum Moth Vellum